Veneered doors

The doors for interior are made of telescopic fir frame covered with MDF board 4mm thick from both sides. The moisture is 8 12 %, and the door wing is duplo sperovano the fir frame 34 x 42 mm and covered with MDF board from both sides (4 mm), filled with cardboard and veneered with veneer (anagree, beech, oak, European ash, etc). The joint between the frame and the wing is covered with soft PVC which provides sound and thermal insulation. The doors are painted with the most advanced polyurethane transparent paints which do not wear out. Our doors are equipped with good quality standard hinges (three hinges, locks, druker and ild). All the telescopic frames are 10 cm wide (with 7 cm wide telescopic strips from both sides), and widened with MDF board to fit the wall and painted to match the door. The doors are made (the frame and telescopic strips) in two types: SOFT and RAVNA). Our doors have attestation for soundproof effect from the IMS institute.