Structural Faades

Structual faades are made of laminated vertical and horizontal wooden elements of pine, spruce and other wood whose base is 50 mm, and the section of lamella are calculated depending on horizontal and vertical division and distance in them, as well as depending on wind factor toward which the faade is turned. Wooden horisontal and vertical profiles are joined with HOFFMAN PVC elements in the shape of swallow`s tail. The wood profiles are covered with aluminium profiles from the outside (Zidar system) and they do not belong to the supporting construction..

Soft PVC material is placed between wooden and aluminium profiles and it separates these two different materials which have different heat conductivity. Such faade system offers the warmth of wood from the inside, and the strength of metal from the outside. This space between wood and aluminium also enables windows to be built in, which is one of the most advanced solutions in the production of wooden faades. The system allows curtains to be placed not only in one line, but also at the 90 angle. The inside of the faade walls is filled with thermopane glass 4/12/4 or 6/12/4 up to 26 mm thick, as well as with panels - combination of wood and aluminium, sealed with soft PVC. Such construction has no limiting elements regarding neither height nor width, which makes it possible to add new parts endlessly vertical force is being transferred to building`s supporting plates.